冰球突破豪华版官网塞尔玛P. Lally 教育学院 offers graduate level professional development courses in the New York City metropolitan area and Massachusetts as part of its Distance Delivery Program for practicing educators. Open enrollment graduate level courses for professionals who have earned baccalaureate degrees from accredited colleges/universities are offered at convenient 次, 主要是在周末和夏天.

The Distance Delivery Program may meet the needs of students wishing to fulfill New York State requirements for continuing professional development, 并且有资格享受学区的工资差别. 有100多种课程可供选择, thousands of New York’s teachers annually have found the Distance Delivery Program to be an essential component in furthering their careers.




冰球突破豪华版官网有一个备受推崇的教师教育项目. 我们的教育学院培养了本地区最好的教师, and now our courses are available to teachers in the New York metro area through our Distance Delivery Program. All professional development courses are listed in 冰球突破豪华版官网 研究生 Catalog, and both courses and instructors are approved by our Teacher Education department. Instructors must meet the same high standards as those teaching courses on campus, and are periodically observed to ensure that excellent standards are maintained.

课程在纽约市都会区的各个地点上课, 包括长岛和威彻斯特县. Courses are also offered further north along the Hudson and in western New York State; brochures published by our Affiliates (CITE, NYSUT, TEI, Jenmarc)提供详细的地点和时间表.


With over 100 different courses available through our Distance Delivery Program, 研究生学习的选择多种多样, 包括特殊教育和技术等领域. We add new courses to the program each year, bringing teachers the latest topics in Education.


All courses offered through Distance Delivery are scheduled by one of our three Affiliates. 每个分支机构都会出版列出课程的小册子, 次, 以及冰球突破豪华版官网研究生课程的地点. 一旦你找到了一门符合你需要的课程, 联系为学院管理该课程的附属办公室. The affiliate will sign you up for classes and guide you through the process for getting registered with 冰球突破豪华版官网. 登记 with 冰球突破豪华版官网 happens after you fill out a registration form on the first day of class. Keep in mind that “registering” with an affiliate office is not the same as registering with 冰球突破豪华版官网. Enrollment at The College depends on our receipt of complete registration forms from the affiliate office.

学费 for professional development courses is paid to the affiliate office managing the course for us. Please contact the appropriate affiliate with questions that arise regarding your tuition payment and billing.


冰球突破豪华版官网与精心挑选的学生签订合同, 独立组织提供非现场项目. 附属合作伙伴处理管理细节, 比如日程安排, 预注册, 处理学费. One of these organizations will be your first stop for enrolling in a professional development course with 冰球突破豪华版官网.


CITE位于普莱恩维尤, NY and partners with 冰球突破豪华版官网 to offer Special Education graduate-level education courses in the New York City metro area. CITE also administers two Educational Administration Certificate 项目 and a Master’s in Educational 管理程序 at off-campus locations throughout the five boroughs and Long Island. 另外, 新要求的纽约教育局骚扰问题讲习班, 在两个地点提供欺凌和歧视预防服务, 一个在布鲁克林,一个在长岛.

访问城市大学网站, http://citeeducation-strose.com,查询时间表、价格和地点或致电 516.221.4082.

当前城市教育领导 & 管理学生: 点击下面的链接查看节目信息, 技术信息和说明, 以及认证申请说明.



TEI’s partnership with 冰球突破豪华版官网 offers many of our newest graduate-level education courses. TEI还提供许多在线课程.

浏览TEI网站 www.teachereducation.com,查询时间表、地点和价格或电话 1.800.331.2208.


NYSUT’s program brings 冰球突破豪华版官网 courses to teachers throughout New York State, 包括大罗切斯特, 锡拉丘兹, 尤蒂卡/罗马, 哈德逊河谷和首都地区. 纽约科技大学也提供完全在线的课程.

访问他们的网站, http://elt.nysut.org/,查询时间表、地点和价格或电话 1.800.528.6208.


是的. 我们的一些远程交付课程可以在网上获得. 浏览我们的网页 Affiliates 找出哪些课程是在线的. TEI 提供我们大部分的在线课程.

是的. Some of our Distance Delivery Courses are available to teachers throughout New York State, 包括罗彻斯特, 锡拉丘兹, 尤蒂卡/罗马, 以及哈德逊河谷和首都地区. NYSUT 提供学院在纽约西部提供的大部分课程.

学生 needing an official (we only issue official) transcript must request one in writing from the 注册处 在冰球突破豪华版官网. 我们需要你的签名才能公布你的记录. 你可以使用成绩单请求 form . Your transcript shows your complete academic history of coursework done 在冰球突破豪华版官网. The 家庭 Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) requires the College to maintain security measures regarding your personal academic records. 为了保护您的隐私,我们绝对不会传真成绩单.

If you have requested a transcript and instructed us to delay processing until the grade for a certain course has been entered, your transcript will be produced as soon as possible after receipt of grades from the instructor. 还记得, 你们的导师有10天的时间提交成绩, 尽管他们尽了最大的努力, 延误有时确实会发生. 如果您要求立即发送您的成绩单, 并且在过去至少修过一门课程, 我们不会检查未完成的成绩. Don’t assume a grade has been submitted if the course was taken during the current semester. 如果你的成绩单必须显示当前学期的特定成绩, write it on the request form and please don’t check the box that says “send immediately”!

Academic advisors and academic departments in all of the College’s degree programs determine which courses may be applied to the degree. Because Distance Delivery courses are designed primarily as professional development opportunities, the courses likely would qualify only as elective credit within a degree program (assuming the degree program includes elective options), 同样须经部门批准. 学生 hoping to apply Distance Delivery courses toward a degree should secure permission prior to enrollment in the course.

Courses are listed in 冰球突破豪华版官网’s 研究生 Catalog, available online. 用于在目录印刷后添加到课程中的课程, 联系冰球突破豪华版官网的远程教学工作人员.