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The Office of Intercultural Leadership is committed to enhancing the student experience for underrepresented populations while promoting a campus-wide understanding of cultural diversity. Our staff in collaboration with community partners provides advocacy, academic and leadership development, as well as cross cultural engagement opportunities to sustain an inclusive environment that promotes student success in accordance with the mission of the college.


我们供应 direct student services through educational programs, 研讨会, 以及校园活动, which are also open to the community at large.

我们提供 一个家, resources for development, and opportunities geared specifically towards underrepresented students [i.e. ALANA (African, Latino/a, Asian, & 印第安人) & LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, & Intersex) students]. However all students shall have an opportunity to engage cross culturally around activities targeting leadership development.

我们支持 underrepresented student based organizations such as Spectrum the ALANA Student Union and Identity our LGTBQI student organization. These organizations allow traditionally underrepresented students to have a voice on the college campus and further aid in their development here at Saint Rose.

我们提供 our ALANA是领导力 Mentor Program as a retention program for First Year ALANA students. The Mentorship Program provides First Year 学生 with a Peer Mentor and Professional Mentor that will serve as a resource, 动机的教练, and guide towards academic success!